Brooklyn Bite – NOW CLOSED

3 Jul

When I heard a New York pizza place had opened on The Kings Road I had to go and take a look/fill my belly. I’m not one to brag (ahem) but I know my New York Pizza. Whether it’s a 4am drunken slice at Ben’s/Fat Sal’s or a whole pie with a beer at John’s. You name it, I’ve eaten it. Deelish!

Walking into this place was clear to me that it was an English take on a New York pizza place. It was no dive bar, it was clean and sleek with bottles of wine on the shelves…maybe that’s the British element, as every yankee will have beer with their pizza, not wine. However, the shiny black counter and the simple seating had an attractive effect and we were seated anticipating some delights.

We ordered some garlic knots to start with. Good attempt and as they don’t really do them in the UK, it was a nice try. It wasn’t that they were bad, by any means. They were good. Fresh soft dough and a hint of garlic with a lovely tomatoey sauce for dipping. I would be happy, I think, if I had the blissful ignorance of never having tasted a real garlic knot. It was one of those Crocodile Dundee moments. ‘That’s not a knot…THAT’S a knot!!’

Onto the main attraction. We ordered a half and half pizza. One half was In the red red sauce, roasted red peppers, red onions, mozzarella, sausage and the other Packin’ heat red sauce, pepperoncini, roasted red peppers, mozzarella, pepperoni. The pizza was definitely good, the toppings were fresh with generous portions and the size of the pizza itself was pretty big. I wasn’t a big fan of the ‘red sauce’, it was ok, but not that flavoursome. Again, I had to refer back to the New York aspect (but in my defence they are calling the place ‘Brooklyn Bite’ with the tag line ‘a slice of NYC’). The pizza didn’t have that crispiness to it or that ‘bite’ that they so fondly refer to, which gives it that addictive kick. Whilst there’s no denying it is a good pizza, I think Mulberry Street at Westbourne Grove has a better taste.

Moving on. The service was really, really good. I asked the manager when he came over where the chilli flake and garlic shakers were as any self respecting NY pizzeria would have them (I wasn’t quite so harsh). He assured me that they would be arriving soon and that I wasn’t the first to ask, they’d even had them but he’d tripped holding the box and they had shattered all over the floor! The manager and the waiters were so friendly and made the experience worthwhile. We had a peek downstairs at their underground bar, which is where the coolness is. You can order pizza by the slice and they have a very slick list of cocktails. It would be great for a late night drinking sesh. Also, the neon sign alone is worth seeing!

All in all, I know I have high expectations, and this place really is good and friendly. Definitely worth a visit!

Rate: 3.6

Brooklyn Bite

342 King’s Road, London SW3 5UR

020 7352 5057
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