Giant Robot

23 Jul

I had been looking into trying to find a place that specialised in meatballs, I have tried Mishkins and whilst I love the atmosphere there…the balls fell a little short. There’s a place called Meatball Shop in New York that’s right on the money, meatballs any way you like and they taste divine. I was really excited to try Giant Robot, I had heard good things, so was dying to try it!

The restaurant is designed really well, a friendly atmosphere and an American look and feel to it. I really loved that throughout the whole meal it was really relaxed, the waiting staff were friendly and aware of what was going on, I never felt that I couldn’t get their attention. The menu is fantastic, there’s a real plethora of choice and it’s great to choose a dish and decide if you want it small or large. It’s really refreshing to not be overloaded and also for the prices to be really reasonable when the dish is smaller. Here’s a little piece of the menu below…mmmm

So, first up I tried the Crostino Selection:

smoked salmon, ricotta, arugula, mint 96p

salami & cannellini bean, rosemary, garlic 85p

wild mushroom & truffle, parmesan, shallots 99p
crostino selection – £2.80/£5.50
As you can see, the prices are just amazing. I loved all of them, the salmon was fresh and the flavour of the mint really comes through, the mushroom one had to be my favourite, really deelish and refreshing to have something a little bit different. I also ordered a Brooklyn Beer, I’m a huge fan, I’ve even been to
the brewery where it’s made!
I chose to have the Beef Slider (I ordered one…and then had to order another as it was SO deelish), some fries and also the Arancini (crisp white onion risotto, grana padano, spinach, herb aioli) – I’ve always been a fan of them ever since working at Carluccio’s…

Everything was perfectly spot on! The beef slider was amazing; soft, sweet bread and melt in the mouth beef meatball with just enough sauce to accompany it. It’s fresh and the ingredients just blend together perfectly.

The Arancini was really good, crispy on the outside and gooey on the inside, a little bland but really nice comfort food nonetheless and the dip was nice, hard to place what it was though.
The fries were exactly as the should be, skinny and salty!
Now, the dessert is tricky as I wanted to try the Baked Alaska more than anything! But there were only two of us and I was told it was huge! So, we opted for the Chocolate & Peanut Torta instead. This was really nice, chewy and rich, it tasted amazing. (But I’m definitely going back for the Baked Alaska, I hear it comes on fire!)

I really would recommend this place, it’s cheap, it’s friendly, really relaxed with great food and great service. What more do you really want?

Rate: 4.4
Giant Robot
45 Clerkenwell Road, London EC1M 5RS
020 3119 3053

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  1. Eleanor Crossland August 23, 2012 at 9:24 am #

    Hi there,

    I’m Ele, and I’m on the eCommerce team at Square Meal. Whilst getting to know the Square Meal world and website, I’ve been looking at the input of bloggers, who link their personal blogs to restaurant pages on our website.

    On behalf of Square Meal, I want to say a big ‘thank-you’ for your loyalty. I’ve really enjoyed reading about your meals (good and bad!) and I particularly love the photos you’ve included. I know how valuable it is to Square Meal users to have easy access to other diners’ experiences, to help them choose a dining venue.

    Please do keep your blogs coming in and spread the word amongst your contacts. If you have any questions or suggestions about how we can improve your experience, please do get in touch – via email, phone, Facebook or Twitter.

    Best wishes


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