Muriel’s Kitchen

29 Aug

You’re terrible Muriel…I just couldn’t resist, sorry! Just like the way it’s said to Muriel, it’s meant in the same way here…not in a bad way. Muriel’s is one of those rare gems you stumble across, when you’re looking around for the real deal and then, by chance, you’ve already found it.

Nesting in the building connected to South Kensington tube station lies this lovely, homey little restaurant. It’s an absolute wonder in winter and a true haven out of the cold. It’s always bustling and all the food is laid behind the counters, so while you are inevitably queuing, you can see what takes your fancy, and trust me, this will be everything.

We went for a lazy Sunday afternoon lunch and got to sit in the window, perfect for people watching. There’s always a bit of a queue, but it moves quite quickly, the place is small but there are a lot of tables. We chose 3 salads to share, I had the fishcakes and Aky had the lasagne. A good mix to get an idea of the styles of food they do and a great combination of healthy and good old comfort food.

First up, the fishcakes, these were absolutely deelish! They were soft and with potato, but not too much. The fish used was really fresh and honestly you could eat these on their own they were so good. The breadcrumbs were light and crispy and not too oily. I would definitely get these again.

The lasagne needs a little work. I know it can be a dish that is easily tired and overdone, but when it’s made well it is bloody amazing. Best lasagne in the world is from Bianca in New York (5 Bleecker Street) absolutely NOTHING will ever beat this. So, I sort of forgive Muriel, a little. However, just because Muriel is no Bianca it doesn’t mean that the pasta sheets need to be soggy and over-saturated. The taste was nice, but the pulpy texture of the pasta sheets just wasn’t pleasant. It was ok, but in lamens terms, it was mushy.

The salads went as follows: yes, maybe and just plain no. Pictured below, in this order.

The green salad was incredible, crunchy chinese broccoli with a slightly spicy, oriental dressing, it tasted fresh and really interesting, a great complement to the fishcakes. The potato salad was ok, the potatoes didn’t taste particularly fresh, but the herbs used and the roasted peppers made up for this majorly. It could have been mildly warm though, I think this would have enhanced the flavour somewhat and perhaps it might have hidden the lack of freshness of the potatoes. The last salad was butternut squash, now I am a HUGE fan of butternut squash and this, was what can only be described as ‘rank’. I still can’t put my finger on it, but it just tasted of rankness (I believe that’s the technical term) it was served very cold too and I don’t think this helped.

The service is always ok, but never great, they just aren’t on it enough with seating people and taking orders etc. Also the toilet situation has to be reconsidered. There’s only one, a disabled toilet, and it is right by two of the tables (believe me, don’t sit there) and it’s never that pleasant an experience if you catch my drift.

The rest of the place is wonderful though, you feel very at home there and the wealth of food is just amazing.

I took photos of the cakes and muffins, but there was just no way I could have squeezed it in…next time I think I’ll have a hot chocolate and a cake on a cosy afternoon…it’s just the place for it. Enjoy!

Rate: 4.3

Muriel’s Kitchen

1-3 Pelham Street  South Kensington, London SW7 2ND

020 7589 3511
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