City Bakery

22 Jan

Wandering around the Flatiron District on a cold Saturday, I decided to warm myself up in a place I had heard lots about, City Bakery. I came in and I have to say, it wasn’t what I was expecting. Not just teas/coffees etc but a whole ‘serve yourself’ salad and lunch bar. It seemed like a canteen and not the ‘bakery’ feel I so often lust for when one wants a little tranquility on a busy day.

I asked the sales assistant what she recommended, she answered ‘the vegan, dairy free cookie is great’, ignoring her idiotic suggestion I ordered an overload of chocolate. A chocolate chip cookie and a hot chocolate with their famous homemade, giant marshmallow on top.



Let’s start with the cookie. It was very thick and almost like biting into a chunky piece of bread, a real mouthful. I know this sounds really weird, but there was a slight smell of fish to it. You know when you sometimes smell butter and it’s a bit ‘fridge smell’ like, well that’s kind of what this was. It was quite rich and not that amazing and so I only managed half, funnily enough the next day it tasted (and smelt) better.

cookie close up

Now for the hot chocolate. Unbeknownst to me, it was that thick, oozy hot chocolate that you often find in Italy or Spain. I can’t handle hot chocolate like this, I don’t see it as a drink, more of a calorie filled dessert. After a couple of sips, really feeling the fat starting to lay down for a nice long nap on my hips, I had a thought, and proceeded to carry this gloop back to my apartment and poured about a third of it into a mug and topped the rest up with milk and heated it up. Lo and behold it was the most delicious hot chocolate I have had in a long while. The marshmallow was pretty good too.

hot choc

hot choc 2

So, I feel it was a little hit and miss, it all looked great but just not quite there for me. I’d also like to mention that this experience cost me just under $10. Extortion!!

Rate: 3.5

City Bakery

3 W 18th St # 1  New York, NY 10011

(212) 366-1414
City Bakery on Urbanspoon


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