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Jackson + Rye Chiswick

4 Jul

Following the success of the already heaving Soho branch, I ventured to the brand new Jackson + Rye on Chiswick High Road.
This was my first taste of dinner at J+R, so I was looking forward to seeing the new space and equally the vibe in the evening.
Chiswick High Road is wonderful and drenched in places to eat, it almost feels like you’re abroad when taking a wander on a summer night. The restaurant was packed when we arrived, the space being similar to the soho branch but slightly smaller. It has a great, buzzy feel to it and although busy, it’s really relaxing.

I went for the drink special – Strawberry Daiquiri. It had freshly crushed local strawberries and tasted incredible. Sweet and fresh, a perfect start to the evening. My guest went for the virgin Mojito. Not strictly on the menu, but definitely should be, the bartender has got some serious skills. The blend of mint and lime makes you feel like you’re on a health kick in Thailand. It’s definitely a thing of beauty.

download-2For starters we chose the Chopped Raw Tuna and the Sea Scallops. For me, starters are always the most exciting dish of the evening. I think that’s because you don’t really have them at home on a daily basis and also it’s when you’re most hungry so you appreciate the flavours more. download-3

download-5The tuna was fresh and utterly sublime. It had a kick of heat to its dressing and the consistency and taste were nothing short of perfection. It was presented beautifully and the taste of the fish was so representative.

download-4The scallops were a very good choice. They were pan-fried and doused in a creamy, buttery sauce with peas. The quality was clearly evident and they were cooked so lightly, just a dusting of bronze on the surface. It truly melted in your mouth and the sauce was the ultimate sidekick.

download-6For our main courses we chose the Buttermilk Fried Chicken with a side of spiced sweet potato fries and the Ribeye Steak complete with béarnaise sauce and a side of fries.

download-8download-11I’ve had the chicken burger before but really wanted to see how it held its own without the brioche shoulder to lean on. This is a huge portion. Two massive beaten breast fillets coated in some seriously tasty batter. I honestly don’t know how the chicken is so, so soft. It’s beyond delicious and clearly the signature dish. When something simple is done to perfection there really isn’t anymore you could ask for.
The sweet potato fries were intoxicatingly good, a blend of spices marinated over them and fried with the fluff inside intact. With their garlic mayo the ‘pick, dip, munch’ ritual was in full swing.

download-9download-10The ribeye was very flavoursome, soft and grilled with a lovely smokey hue. It’s reasonably priced and the feeling is it’s above what you would expect for this pay scale.

download-12download-13Obviously having become incredibly full at this point, we decided to have a bit of a breather. Savouring this wonderful meal and acknowledging that this is one of the few places that isn’t a full-blown chain, serves great food at incredibly reasonable prices in a really awesome setting.

download-7After this reflection we decided to share the peanut butter cookies with milk ice cream and chocolate sauce. Ok so the milk ice cream is one of the most insanely delicious, palate cleansing, un-guilt-tripping desserts I’ve ever encountered and with the decadent chocolate sauce this really is a complete dish already. My one piece of criticism is the peanut butter cookies. They look fantastic and to taste have a little shortbread feel to them but the peanut taste wasn’t strong enough for me and they didn’t have that, for want of a better word, more-ish appeal to them.

download-14One thing I really have to comment upon is the service. We had the most attentive, positive and naturally accomplished waitress that I’ve had in a long while. Her name was Frankie. She knew her stuff and was excellent at recommending dishes, had clearly gained knowledge of all the dishes on offer. She was eloquent, well spoken and not only was spot on with her timings, but also never came across as invasive. She was charming and positive and honestly made the evening what it was. It’s rare to have such talent on the floor and she really is just that. All the staff came across as well-trained and well-managed and it’s a testament to management that this is so apparent.

I had a truly magical evening and it’s a place that serves well for all kinds of occasions. Thank you for coming to West London, we need more like you!

Rate 4.8

Jackson + Rye

217-221 Chiswick High Road, W4 2DW

020 8747 1156

Follow them on Twitter @JacksonRye


The Jam Tree – Chelsea

29 Apr

My affair with The Jam Tree started a few years ago now. Lost for a vibrant pub to go to that had a little something extra to offer and an eclectic list of cocktails, I thankfully stumbled upon this gem. I only lived about ten minutes away and now I live about 30 seconds away. Proud to call it my local, it has come up trumps every time. I’ve booked it for my birthday the last two years running and spent many a day and night there. Having noted that they were expanding their already well facilitated bar with a new loft space, I was pleased to attend the launch last week.

The Jam Tree not only now boasts the loft space, but also a ground floor area filled with tables for eating and/or drinking and a lounge area to one side. There is also a beautiful beer garden, complete with an outside bar and a huge barbecue. The decking is multi-layered and it’s a great sun trap on a lazy summer afternoon. The food is fantastic and really has excelled over the years. I wasn’t so sure the first time I ate there, but it seems they ironed out a few creases in their cooking and now its truly on a roll.
My favourite is the ribs, they’re featured on the bbq menu and without a doubt they are the best ribs I’ve had in London, if not the world. I don’t ever say things like that lightly. The meat literally falls off the bone and is marinated in a smokey and sweet, delectable barbecue sauce. It’s absolutely incredible. The pulled pork burger is undeniably the firm favourite with most guests and it doesn’t disappoint. The meat is of excellent quality and the sauce, bun and fillings have been finely tuned to perfection. Not to mention the presentation, this is not your average pub food, it’s thought through and doesn’t just look good, it tastes damn good too.
ribspulled pork burgerNot only do they have a brunch session, with a Bloody Mary list as long as your arm, a welcome shake up to the Sunday Roast, which they also do, but they have a huge list of cocktails to keep you going. Keeping with the theme, you’ll notice that jam is included in a lot of their cocktails. It brings a concentrated flavour and a fresh approach to some tired drinks. Just a few of the beauties I tried were:
Gin ’n Juice – Bombay Sapphire gin, St. Germain elderflower liqueur and Creme de Mure liqueur mixed with lime jam, lime juice and muddled with mint leaves and blueberries. This is a really refreshing and pretty cocktail. It’s elderflower and blueberry flavours are quite mild and so I feel it’s definitely a cocktail you could drink more and more of all evening.
download-3Coco Shake – Bacardi rum, Banana liqueur, lashings of double cream and a spoonful of apricot jam combined with a shot of espresso coffee and a generous helping of Nutella spread – Holy Moly is this incredible. If coffee shops caught onto this I would buy this all the time, not only would I be strongly caffeinated, but I’m pretty sure with the added splash of spirit I’d get through the working day a damn site better…it tastes like iced coffee with a hint of Nutella. I couldn’t taste the banana at all, but it didn’t matter, this one is definitely the
Confiture – Cariel Vanilla vodka shaken with raspberry jam, Chambord and pineapple juice. A sweet, jammy nectar of a drink, a little similar to a French Martini but a tad thicker. I think I could only manage one of these, as whilst it’s delicious, it’s a tad sickly, but if you’re going in for a treat then this is a really good one!
download-6Wham Bam – Cariel Vanilla vodka, Chambord and Passoa with raspberry jam and sour mix topped with popping candy. Passion Fruit tasting and the added surprise of popping candy. It really works. It’s a sharp taste with a hint of vanilla to smooth it and the popping candy is a bit of fun for good measure.
As you can determine by the nature of the drinks, there is a real energy about this place. The decor is fun and not too whacky, it exudes a bit of a vintage feel, with a fun throwback to the 80s with cassettes acting as wall paper in the bathrooms. Without bordering on the kitsch, it also appears professional and clean, which is something a lot of pubs with a vast turnover seem to neglect.
download-4The loft is really spacious with a gloriously high beamed peaked ceiling. It has a couple of nooks, including a long table that would be great for a Sunday lunch and it’s detailed with beautifully huge french windows. There are bathrooms upstairs as well as down, so thankfully no traipsing. You can see where a natural dance floor could appear on a more lively night and really it’s just a wonderful addition to an already thriving bar and restaurant.
download-7download-8download-9It seems I can’t rate this place enough, so I guess you’ll have to go and try it for yourself. You can always pop in on your way too, I’m certainly close enough.
Rate: 4.8
The Jam Tree – 541 Kings Road, London, SW6 2EB
020 3397 4422
Follow them on Twitter @The_Jam_Tree

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Buffalo Chicken Dip – Recipe

6 Mar

A few years ago I was introduced to the wonder that is Buffalo Chicken Dip at a ‘4th July American Extravaganza’ and after gladly consuming what can only be described as a large vat of this glorious stuff, I have never forgotten how unbelievably delicious it was.

And after a bit of practice, I’ve learned to make it myself. It’s a great thing to have at a party or as a grazing snack, it’s creamy and filling and you’ll use more dip than chip when eating it. It’s not particularly healthy, but it is damn good. Also it doesn’t photograph particularly well, whether this is because I was trying to scoff it at the same time, or just that this down right dirty dip isn’t too pretty, will be left to you to decide.

Ingredients (to make a lasagne dish size):

  • ingredients2 x free range chicken breasts
  • 1 x 300g tub of Philadephia (real, not light or extra light)
  • 1/4 cup Frank’s Buffalo Wings Sauce (US will be able to get this anywhere, UK this is sold at Tesco surprisingly. As a substitute you can use barbecue sauce too, but if you want a bit of a kick, a hot sauce is best. I used Frank’s because that is what is traditionally used, but next time I am going to use one of The Rib Man‘s sauces as it will make this dip off the scale in terms of deliciousness)
  • 1/2 cup Ranch Dressing (any type you like)
  • 2 x handfuls of grated cheddar (or a stronger cheese if you prefer)

And here is how you make it:

  • Pre heat oven to 170 degrees.
  • Grill the chicken, then with two forks, shred the chicken. The motion is simple and make sure you get the chicken as fine as possible and place in a mixing bowl.
  • chickenDollop the whole tub of Philadephia in.
  • philadelphiaPour in the hot sauce.
  • hot sauceFollowed by the ranch dressing.
  • ranchAdd one handful of grated cheese.
  • cheese pourMix it all together.
  • mixTransfer it to your dish and evenly spread it.
  • Top with the remainder of the grated cheese and bake in the oven for 20 minutes.
  • cheeseServe with crisps/veggies and enjoy. Best served warm.

after bake

dipEnjoy as once you’ve dipped into this, there really is no going back. Warning: You will most likely gain at least 3 pounds. However, it’s totally worth it.

Jackson + Rye

7 Jan

We’ve been over this. Time and time again. The New York movement is upon us. Some of them work, some of them don’t. So, I read a great deal about the opening of Jackson + Rye and wanting to wait until the soft launch had passed and all the Christmas cheer, I held off. It is marketed as a New York brunch establishment. Of course most, if not all, New York brunch restaurants are open for breakfast, lunch and dinner also. This is no exception. But what it really stands for is the brunch. Much like Mogador, Extra Virgin & Cornelia, to name but a few in Manhattan, its strengths lie in that delightful time between breakfast and lunch.frontIn prime position on Wardour Street just passed Old Compton, lies the very thoughtfully designed Jackson + Rye. It looks like an East Village brunch spot, slow-moving ceiling fans and everything. We were greeted immediately and seated by the window. The place was packed, this being the first Sunday of the new year, I was quite surprised.

Having mentioned ‘The Nudge’ when the reservation was made, both me and my guest were given a free cocktail of our choice. You can use this offer until the end of January, as a heads up! I chose the Breakfast Sour – Buffalo Trace, lemon, egg white, apricot preserve, peach bitters. It arrived adorned with giant ice cubes in a no fuss, short tumbler. It was an interesting taste, a heavy tone of whiskey and a sharp bitterness to it. The whiskey hue smoothed this, but all in all it was too strong for me. Perhaps it’s old-fashioned of me, but cocktails that can be had with the first meal of the day shouldn’t be the same as the one you would choose last thing at night.

cocktailWe chose a dish each and one to share. There was just such an abundance of choice, we didn’t want to miss out. I went for the ‘Anglers’ (scrambled eggs, smoked salmon, country-style potatoes, grilled toast). The scrambled eggs were cooked to perfection with a creamy texture involving the yolk not quite hardened. Heavenly. The salmon was of very good quality and thinly sliced. The potatoes looked a little dry, but upon sampling them, they were nothing of the sort. They were seasoned excellently and combined with caramelised onions, a sprinkling of spring onions and a fluffy interior, they really completed the dish. It was not served with grilled toast as mentioned, but thick sliced rye bread. I tried this, but the potatoes gave me the carb infusion needed, so I didn’t feel the bread was really vital to the dish. All in all this was a perfect blend for brunch. anglersNext up was the Buttermilk Fried Chicken Sandwich. This says it comes with avocado and chipotle mayonnaise. The latter is true but there was no avocado in this burger, but a slaw instead. Served on a soft brioche bun it came open, I presume so you could add the chipotle mayo freely. chickenThe chicken was unbelievable! I know that must sound like an abrupt statement, but the slight crunch of the batter was bliss, followed by, quite possibly, the softest chicken I’ve had since visiting New Orleans. And let me tell you, it’s pretty daring to mention the deep south when talking about fried chicken. The brioche was a great choice and always a favourite when it comes to a chicken burger, it sweetens the dish and the softness of the bread works well when moulding around the awkward shape of the chicken. The slaw counterbalanced the brioche as it gave a splash of savoury to the burger. The chipotle added some spice and the end result was a pretty perfect burger. burger

Accompanying the burger we opted for some shoestring fries. I love the really skinny ones, because you can take a good fingerful all in one go. These were well seasoned, both fluffy and crispy and let’s just say chips off someone else’s plate don’t count towards calorie intake…ahem. friesThe sharing dish was The Buttermilk Pancakes. This was accompanied by ricotta and maple syrup. I haven’t yet tasted pancakes like they do in New York, I’m not sure I ever will, but let me tell you these were very, very good. I mean really delicious. The pancakes were exceptional, warm, fluffy and perfectly cooked. The cream was beyond amazing. It had a slight sourness to it, but this was balanced out by the syrup and the pancake. I wolfed it down so quickly, I could have ordered a second round. Seriously exquisite food. pancakesThis is the sort of place you want to catch up with friends at. A place full of bustle and warmth. The service is really good. Everyone was attentive and helpful and actually looked as though they wanted to be there. The food is cheap and of excellent quality and above all, taste. I will be going back every chance I get. Anything to stop the withdrawal of eating at an actual New York brunch restaurant. Until then…

Jackson + Rye

Rate 4.8

56 Wardour Street, London, W1D 4JG

0207 437 8338
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Bleecker Street Burger

31 Dec

I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing a Bleecker Street Burger a few times. At the formidable Truck Stop and at the incredible Kerb at Kings Cross. It’s been one of the few burgers, and there is now a heap to choose from, that not only incorporates fine ingredients and a solid statement, but tastes exceptional.

It is the only beef burger, this side of the Atlantic, I feel has the essence of one you would find on the other side. Fault America for many things, but the burger is not one of them. A finely tuned product that understands the ‘grab and go’ mentality, without sacrificing satisfaction. Americans understand that service is vital and that sometimes having a smile or a brief conversation of pleasantries during what would otherwise be a mundane, humdrum experience can lift a person’s spirits more than one cares to realise. It really is the small things and the care taken to gain eye contact, show an interest and most of all, smile, makes it an experience. And isn’t that what we set out for? It can’t just be about the food, or the social interaction. We have to know that the proprietor has set out to bring a little happiness into their customer’s life. That thought has truly been the one true ingredient in their process.

I recently ventured over to Harringay Market and as I hopped off the tube at 2:54 pm at Manor House, roughly a 20 minute walk to the market, knowing that it closed at 3 pm, taking a chance, I tweeted Bleecker Street the following:

‘@bleeckerburger @HarringayMarket we’re 5 mins away (cutting it fine) please please please please save us 2 burgers!!! Will love you forever!’

As we sprinted though the roads and alleyways, I frantically checked my phone, hoping for some clue into whether they had packed up and gone for the year…they replied:

‘@laymytable @HarringayMarket move your ass!’

With glee we turned the final corner to see the black truck, in all it’s beauty, waiting patiently for us. They happily served us and noted that we were the very last customers of 2013 for Bleecker Street Burger. An accolade I am extremely fond of.

I had a single and Aky a double, plus fries and a coke. After a sprint that I didn’t know I had in me, it was the ultimate prize. Speaking to the owner and her colleague about how Bleecker Burger began, it wasn’t surprising to learn that the owner was a New Yorker and therefore understood what it took to make a burger worthy of the New York tag. There’s no need for anymore description, it’s just that good.

Bleecker Street BurgerYou can have your amateur imitations, there are definitely plenty of them, there’s only one burger in Britain and that’s Bleecker Street Burger.

Love, your last customer of 2013.

Rate: 5

Bleecker Street Burger

Follow them on Twitter – @bleeckerburger
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Earlham Street Clubhouse

14 Nov

If I’m totally honest, having been disappointed by places with a bit of a gimmick, or several, I arrived at Earlham Street Clubhouse very skeptical.

It was described as ’90s American pop culture (think Clueless, Fugees) meets East Coast chic (preppy, tartan shirts, slacks, pleated skirts à la Upper East Side school girl intertwined with Abercrombie). The decor features an eclectic (‘you plug your box in the wall and you get power, stupid.’ ‘Not electric, eclectic. Stupid.’) mix of reclaimed wood panelling contributing to beachside Hamptons boardwalk glamour, vintage tin signs, high school yearbook photos of celebs and imported Coney Island fairground lights crossed with battered suede seating. There’s a main area, styled with exposed brick, framed varsity flags, a jukebox, a beautiful copper topped Victorian mahogany long bar and a wonderfully open kitchen, which features a wood-fired stone pizza oven.downloaddownload-1download-1At the back and the side there are secret passages down to cave like booths that seem a bit edgier than the main restaurant, oozing cool to make you really feel part of the A group. Cher and Dionne have gone to get your ‘Rolling With The Homies’ cocktail and the nostalgia provided by great song after great song will keep the excitement coming. How other places have picked car crash prap from the CD pile, so you cringe while you chew, these guys have taken the very best the ’90s had to offer. There doesn’t need to be any irony, as it’s still the music you listen to and if you don’t, you should be. Listening to The Score is something that never gets are a few other novelties. For example, drinks menus are attached to pulleys on the ceiling, thus canceling out damp menus and not enough at the bar. A brilliant idea. You can request songs via an app. I spotted a Hamburger phone, which just reminded me of The Diner in Home &  Away and some of the booths even have taps where you can pour ice-cold beer straight at your table. They also have Coors Light…on tap!download-3downloadKnowing most of this before I arrived, I thought this was too much. Too many thoughts, too much to execute in one place. After all, they are just doing pizza. New York pizza. I practically spat in my smug ‘I know New York pizza and the Brits can’t do it’ way that makes me extremely unattractive. Homeslice, just round the corner from here had tried it the simple way. Pizza, no frills, which I found so foul, I couldn’t even waste time writing a post on it, as it would have simply said ‘Don’t go.’ With this though, I was totally wrong. It has been executed immaculately. Every detail, every thought has really been carried through, without seeming like they were trying too hard. I’m amazed. It’s just brilliant. The feel of the place takes you to a realm you would have died for aged fifteen, wanting this to be the place you would hang out at, come adulthood. Imagine the essence of The Diner, The Coffee Shop, Bayside Diner, The Moon Beach Cafe to name a few (props if you get where the last one is from) and take these, turn them into something grown up, keeping the skeleton, and that is a meeting place. Somewhere that doesn’t feel like you’ve got to dine and dash, somewhere that although the food is great, you can catch up with people whilst not having to worry about ‘small sharing plates’ or the queue of people forming around you.

Now don’t think I’ve got caught up in all the hullabaloo and forgotten what this blog is about. I know why I was there and that was the menu. The pizza was thin, crispy and boy did it deliver (no pun intended). I tried three different pizzas.

1) The Plain Jane – Tomato, Buffalo Mozzarella, Fresh Basil & Olive Oil.

cutplain2) Screech – Tomato, Mozzarella, Salami Piccante, Fresh Chillies & Oregano

salami3) The Fresh Prince – Tomato, Cheese, Spicy Sausage, Brocoli, Red Onions & Chillies

brocYou can also pick ‘The Ross & Rachel’ where you can choose half and half of any pizza.

download-2Each had its own unique strengths but all were equally as good. ‘Screech’ was really spicy, but in a way that just made you want more (funnily enough, nothing like the real Screech). The Plain Jane, just good old cheese and tomato, which is the one I always go for, by the slice, in NY, hit me big time! I was bowled over. It reminded me of times I would stroll back after a long day at work (man the Yanks work hard) and stop off for a dollar slice at The Crispy Pizza Cafe on 14th. The Fresh Prince was delicious, with garlic coming through, it was mouth-wateringly good. You can have them by the slice or in 12″ and 20″ sized pies.mainFor me this place encapsulates my childhood, my passion, the music I grew up on as a ’90s child, great food and beyond awesome cocktails. They even have red cups and a cocktail called Dawson’s cupsAs an extra (like these guys needed anything else) they have a food residency, yup, they’ve caught on quick and added the mother of all street food vendors. None other than Anna Mae’s. I wrote about her Mac ‘n’ Cheese earlier in the summer when I went to Truck Stop. It’s a very clever addition. It’s simple, American cool. The food you always wanted, but knew you shouldn’t, but when you did it just tasted so good! Needless to say I tucked into a Kanye Western, it’s served with barbecue sauce, chopped up Frankfurter and crispy onions. Herman would be proud.macIf you want somewhere to go, with excellent food, a chilled out place that still feels like there’s an exclusivity to it, then please go here. It’s great for just a drink (or 6) as the cocktails are a steal (starting at £7) and there’s a lot to choose from. I tried a few (ahem). A couple of them were:

The Clubhouse Lagerita – El Jimador blanco, agave syrup and fresh lime, served frozen, topped with beer.

Rolling With The Homies – Ketel 1 Vodka, peach and strawberry puree, fresh lemon and sugar, served long, topped with fizz (my favourite).

I also spotted a flavoured Ketel 1 square of shooters in different colours, designed to look like a game of Twister, complete with the arrowboard and everything.drinksThe only complaint I have is make the slices bigger. If you want to do this like a real New Yorker you need to be able to fold that slice in half. If that’s my only piece of criticism, then you know we’re onto something.

Trust me when I say you need to join the club. I’ll see you there.

Rate: 5

The Earlham Street Clubhouse

35 Earlham Street, London WC2H 9LD

020 7240 5142

Follow them on Twitter @esclubhouse
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The Cronut

9 Oct

It had to be done. A few months ago when this phenomenon hit the big time, I made a deal with myself (the best kind of deal, it’s always win win) that if I was going to try one of these bad boys (if?!) then it had to be The Cronut. The original, real one.

Maybe it’s just me, but I always believed if you were going to get something like memorabilia, then shouldn’t it be from the actual place? I remember the fashion in England when I was about 17, everyone started to wear New York Yankees baseball caps, from Topshop. Errrrm, no. I waited and waited until I got to go to NY and bought mine from an official New York Yankees shop selling the real deal.
‘Oh but some people aren’t able to go and get it from the real place,’ people might say.
‘Then I’m afraid you can’t have it,’ is what I say. You can’t have everything, otherwise everything would be everywhere and nowhere would be new or different. Oh I’ll just buy my boomerang souvenir from Australia in pound land.
Don’t get me started on Victoria Secret opening up over here…

I digress. Back to The Cronut. An irresistible hybrid of a classic doughnut and a croissant. The creator of this wildly imaginative design is Dominique Ansel. He owns a bakery in Soho in Manhattan, The Dominique Ansel Bakery.
Many have copied this, the world over, calling it The Dosant. Try as they may to have their own success with the copycat creation, Dominique comes out on top. Every morning the bakery makes around 300 Cronuts at $5 a piece. Customers begin to line up at around 5am and wait until the bakery opens at 8am. Everyday. Once they’re gone, they’re gone and tomorrow is a new day.

Aky went to New York a couple of weeks ago and what did I ask him to bring back for me? You guessed it. He got there early and queued for a notable period of time (don’t feel bad, he got one for himself too) and made it in when they were still in stock.

The flavour changes on a monthly basis, September was Fig Mascarpone, October is Apple Creme Fraiche. The Cronut has the outer crust of a freshly crisp, sugar covered doughnut, the layers and layers of pastry inside are like a croissant and reaching beyond what I had imagined, it was injected with jam and cream, sweet fig jam and mascarpone. It also has a hole in the middle and was topped with a sugar glaze and a slice of caramelised fig. The cream was so light, just enough to douse the pastry.

CronutsThis is how the bakery themselves describe the creation:

‘Taking 2 months and more than 10 recipes, Chef Dominique Ansel’s creation is not to be mistaken as simply croissant dough that has been fried. Made with a laminated dough which has been likened to a croissant (but uses a proprietary recipe), the Cronut is first proofed and then fried in grape seed oil at a specific temperature. Once cooked, each Cronutis flavored in three ways: 1. rolled in sugar; 2. filled with cream; and 3. topped with glaze. Cronuts are made fresh daily, and completely done in-house. The entire process takes up to 3 days.’

The moment Aky had dropped his bags at home he popped into see me at work and in all its glory, there it was. A Dominique Ansel Bakery Box with a lone Cronut inside.

As I took the first bite, I realised it was new tastes entering my sphere, I love it when this happens. It made me wish I had been there the first time they made one of these, what the look on their faces said when they took their first bite. Perhaps a good old Del Boy line, ‘We’re going to be millionaires.’

It was absolutely heavenly. An incredibly delicious treat that encompasses all the great traits of already mind-blowing sweet creations. It’s soft and buttery, the thin layer of sugar it’s wrapped in will lightly dust your mouth, but you won’t care because you’ll need to make sure no jam is lost to your jeans.

photo credit: Aky Bukhari

photo credit: Aky Bukhari

I don’t mind so much about trying the replicas now I’ve tasted the original. I now know what it should taste like and can compare it to the real deal. I’m incredibly lucky to have tried one.

Rate: 5

Dominique Ansel Bakery

189 Spring Street (between Sullivan and Thompson) New York, NY 10012

Tel:(212)219 2773
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