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31 May

Aky and I were in Centennial Park and spotted a couple in front of us eating what looked like the most creative, delicious and unbelievably big portion of fantabulous ‘sush sush’ (sing along if you know the words) I’d seen! I had to ask them where they’d got it. They told us it was Sushi Goi in Coogee. We went the very next day!

We chose to get a take-away and how they do this is they give you the empty box and you can stand by the conveyer belt and pile it in to the box, stack up the plates like you would when you eat in and pay for it at the end. They even gave us a 10% discount for taking away!

The choice was ENDLESS! Australians seem to put raw very finely sliced onion rings on top of their sushi, giving it a real spark of flavour. They also scorch the fish occasionally with a blow torch or just a bit of a roll on a barbecue and the smoky taste is just unbelievable. This is not classic, plain sushi, it is wonderful, colourful, creative and so delicious you just won’t want it to end.

The ‘Spicy Tuna Crunchy’ was so good! The fried spicy garlic that it is topped with just blends in with the flavour and gives the rice a new, bold accompaniment. The ‘Salmon & Onion’ roll is also a definite must. The fish itself is very fresh and whilst you can get the plainer rolls, this is the place to be a bit daring.

Their clever techniques and fresh approach make dining in or out of here a real thrill. A true hats off to the chef. London needs to take a leaf out of the Aussie’s book on this one.

Rate: 5

Match the sushi in our boxes to the menu above…



















Sushi Goi

230 Coogee Bay Rd, Coogee Beach NSW 2034

Sushigoi on Urbanspoon

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