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Truck Stop

5 Jul

Finally summer is upon us! And so the UK has jumped on board with the street food phenomenon. This isn’t the old chip man at the end of the street (at my university there was a lonely white van called ‘jason’s donner-van!’) THIS is taking gourmet, fresh, innovative food and packing it all into a vintage/clever/compact street cart extravaganza.

Truck Stop is a really un-english idea, it’s a really nice surprise when you arrive. Set on Wood Wharf in Canary Wharf, 20 or so food trucks gather on the first Thursday and Friday of each month over the summer. Like a mini festival it incorporates a couple of bars, some poratloos (fancy ones) and a sense of old Americana with beautiful vintage Chevys, Mustangs and the like. There’s tonnes of seating on the water or on the beautifully manicured lawns and a lot of choice with food. It just doesn’t feel like London. Surrounded by the skyscrapers that are strangely beautiful when they add their glow as the sun goes down and it’s so clean and calm by the water’s edge, it’s quite surreal.


We had bought our tickets before the day and at a tenner a pop it’s a bargain. This also gives you 10 Truck Stop Dollars to spend inside. We took full advantage and went to get some BIG mojitos.


Not being a massive Mac ‘n Cheese fan I tried some of my friend’s and there was immediate food envy – from Anna Mae’s  the Kanye Western (Mac w beef hotdog, BBQ Sauce & crispy onions) the pasta wasn’t all gloopy and stodgy, in fact surprisingly light. The BBQ sauce made it and I shall definitely be trying this at home. Absolutely deelish! (pictured bottom left). I had gone along with Betty from GFYSoul.

Food Truck StopNext up we spotted Mother Clucker  – I’ve been wanting to try this for a while as I missed it’s residency in Sun 13 & Cantons earlier this year. Having tried Clockjack recently I knew this might be stiff competition. I chose the ‘cup of clucks’ at £4 (pictured top right) and it came with a side of lime mayonnaise. The feeling I got when eating the mayo was ‘why have I never thought of this?’ Such a simple idea and so, so good. The chicken was amazing, fresh and soft. It has a slight kick to it and the batter was light and not oily at all. Definitely a good choice.

We then moved on to Baba G’s  which I believe has just been feeding the hoards at Glastonbury. An Indian food truck that served wraps and onion bhajees. The bhajees were a little too much, they felt very oily and tasted only ok, so don’t think I’d get them again. The wrap on the other hand was right on the money (pictured top left). The chicken was smoked and so soft, in bite size chunks, the mango sauce took the heat away from the beautiful spices adding a sweet zing to the wrap. The fresh crunch of the seasoned onions and ripe tomato made this complete. Just incredible.


The menus for these three are below!

download-4The unfortunate buy of the night was the frozen yoghurt. The truckers took frozen fruit and blended through the yoghurt. In theory this sounds great, however in practice you get a strange powdery/plasticky tasting yoghurt with bits of frozen fruit as lumps coming up throughout. It was just wrong and needless to say after a couple of bites, we just had to leave it.

download-5Not wanting to end the night on a dud, we opted for pancakes at The Breakfast Club (pictured bottom right) topped with maple syrup, banana & bacon. I’ve lived in New York. I know pancakes. Whilst these are a credible attempt, they just don’t cut the mustard. The taste is nice, but the consistency was too stodgy and they were a little thick. Plus you need an American sized free pour of maple syrup, not just a little splash.


We left feeling full and happy, a wonderful evening and executed really well. Yes there were a couple of dishes that weren’t as great, but overall really good food and it was nice to try a whole range of cuisines and new flavours. It was peaceful and the setting is just perfect for a hot summer’s night by the water. Get your tickets now before the summer is out as this is one not to miss!


Rate 4.5

Truck Stop

Wood Wharf @ Canary Wharf


Roti Chai

4 May

To celebrate Aky’s birthday we took a visit to the hotly anticipated Roti Chai. With the choice of eating in the Street Kitchen or The Dining Room, we opted for the latter. I found the food to be hit and miss, one dish in particular was absolutely delicious though…Palak Papri Chaat (Spinach, Wheat Crisps & Yoghurt…although this definitely had tamarind oozed over it too).

Service was not great…until they redeemed themselves at the end and brought us a Chocolate and Cardamom Tart with a candle in it (for free!)

All in all it was good but if I went again I’d try The Street Kitchen for sure!

My ratings are out of 5 and this is an overall value of ambience, service, taste, presentation, freshness


From left to right…Palak Papri Chaat, Malai Chicken Tkka, Bengali Crab & Fishcake, Raita, Chicken 65, Gilafi Seekh Kebab

Chocolate & Cardamom Tart

Roti Chai – 3 Portman Mews South | London | W1H 6HS

t: 020 7408 0101
Roti Chai on Urbanspoon
Square Meal

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